Former NY State Chief Court Clerk Sues Judges in Federal Court

Former NY State Chief Court Clerk Sues Judges in Federal Court

The former chief clerk for Onondaga County Family Court has filed a federal lawsuit alleging she was forced from her job because she would not conspire to spread negative information about a State Supreme Court candidate. (Click on Story to the right)

Seems the former chief court clerk, Ms. Morin, didn’t like that Administrative Judge James Tormey and former Executive Assistant John Voninski wanted her to spy on and provide dirt about State Supreme Court candidate David G. Klim who was a Family Court Judge at the time.

She alleges that her life was made unpleasant when she refused to conspire with the judges, including being made to fill-in for vacationing clerks in far away places. She was apparently asked whether or not she was a “team player.”

This latest peak at procedures on the inside of a New York State Judicial District’s administrative office follows The Westchester Guardian report just a few weeks ago that a criminal investigation was called for involving the alleged improper actions of Westchester County Surrogate Judge Anthony A. Scarpino and New York City Administrative Judge Jacqueline W. Silbermann.

Seems like honest people are feeling a little bit more empowered by the presence of Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau.


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