Memo #1 to Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau

Memo #1 to Chief Administrative Judge Pfau

**UPDATED June 19, 2007** On June 14th we began the collaborative process of memoralizing our constructive thoughts to Chief Administrative Judge Pfau. And continuing on a regular basis, we will send Judge Pfau a collection of suggestions intent on improving our courts. Also, included in our memos will be various subjects, including our request for updates as to issues addressed in this forum. Your constructive comments will be sent along with the memo. In commenting on this post, please keep it clean and constructive; vent, etc. on other posts, please. Our Memos are meant to HELP the court system for everyone. (this is a work in progress, and information is taken from positive comments and suggestions emailed to us)

**UPDATED June 19, 2007 – FINAL MEMO #1 sent to Judge Pfau June 18, 2007**


To: Hon. Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau
Date: Monday, June 18, 2007

Dear Honorable Chief Administrative Judge Pfau:

Every law-abiding and honest attorney, court employee and judge, has
cheered your recent appointment as the New York State Chief
Administrative Judge for the Courts. And your presence at the top
brings a sense of hope to every honest citizen, who looks forward to
overall court reform, and the restoration of integrity to the New York
Court system. We urge, and support, your immediate action, and we
respectfully present suggestions for consideration:

1. Amnesty for Judges, Lawyers & Court Employees

SUGGESTION: Establish a 60-day Amnesty period during which judges,
attorneys (court employed and private) and court personnel may come
forward with information regarding improper activity, either known to
them or with which they have been involved. (It’s the only way to see
any true reform.)

2. Direct Access to the Offices of the Chief Administrative Judge

SUGGESTION: Establish Public access computers in every court in the
state, allowing for direct communication to the Chief Judge’s
Administrative Offices, so as to provide top administrators (above
district levels) with timely information from the public concerning
suggestions and/or concerns.

3. Complete Court Employee Accountability

SUGGESTION: The name of all court employees should be easy to
ascertain: name tags, id numbers, or the public posting of all
employee photos with identifying name and position/title.

We appreciate your consideration of the herein respectfully submitted

…more to follow… ###


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