Update: Stories We’re Working On

*** 1 *** Sources reveal Westchester Feds have appealed to Washington for HELP. Manhattan FBI has added additional agents to focus on corruption in New York courts. Westchester complaintants have been summoned to 26 Federal Plaza to meet with FBI agents. “Westchester is a mess,” says a source, revealing that the federal government was OVERWHELMED when they set up a federal corruption hotline in White Plains last year. “People -important people– who have been on the inside for years, are now talking. The coming shake-up will change all of Yonkers, White Plains, Mount Vernon and most of Westchester….for the better.” ****LOOK FOR DETAILS, NAMES…..Connecting the dots with Albany, Spano, Bruno, Pirro, party bosses, judges, the Yonkers machine & Westchester and NYC “politics” …. Full Story Coming Soon……….DEVELOPING……..*****

*** 2 *** We’re finalizing collection of documents to support findings on story that may go down as one of the most DISGUSTING judicial beatings in memory: JUDGE DENIES CANCER VICTIM PARENT’S $LEGACY$ FOR TREATMENT AND CARE !!!

****IMPORTANT ****** If you have informaton regarding any complaints largely ignored by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the Inspector General and/or any attorney disciplinary committee, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU ….we have 42 to date…. send info via email or pdf. ******


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