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  1. DKNun Says:

    The reality of how the Texas Satutory Probate Court with original jurisdiction of my late mother’s estate decided from the day her Will was admitted for Probate, (& maybe even before) the Estate was going to profit his lawyer friends and their client instead of the heirs named. It was supposed to be easy since the heirs were completely inexperienced, did not even know the Will was in Probate. The Judge’s friends had been prepaid by a client that was against what was written in the Will,( fully authenticated and undeniably the lawfull assets of the deceased), but the Executor believed anything he was told, had his own profit to consider, and had already used a dozen of his Letters Testamentary to hide several assets.The assets got a little sticky when the federal dept of agriculture found out checks written to the deceased- that now belonged to the heirs- were cashed by the client who paid to overrde the Will. But law school taught if the facts and the law are against you- attack the person who is opposing you…Keep the case in limbo..withhold documents, refuse to give proof, refuse to appear, enlarge the team by deals with the heirs attorneys, who in the future are going to want to be looked upon as being lawyers in good standing with the court, and the fellow lawyers…. The Court has nothing to do but forgo any procedures the Texas Probate Code, federal government tax code, and several other specific chapters of legal statutes clearly document as the Rule of Law. The heirs have no money to go ahead with their battle and civil probate jurisdiction keeps the law at bay, and politics assures the DA will not interfere……Heirs do not want to be seen as stupid, don’t keep fighting, and don’t go to a court of public opinion, as the public does not care. Times have changed though. This heir sees more at stake than her inheritance. This heir will continue writing anyone and everyone until someone is interested, and will work and learn all she can to make America’s system work as it is by laws and constitutions proclaimed it works. Harris County, Texas has alot to be ashamed of, and elections are back in the hands of alot of little guys who do care. If being able to stand before any court- especially Almighty God’s- with clean hands and from doing no harm-speaking only truth- is done as a citizen left without a penny to polish- I will still be weathier than the combined portfolios of all the criminals who have darkened my life, my mother’s legacy, and my grandchildrens future. I believe unforgiveness is like taking poison hoping somone else will die. I believe I do not follow God if what is given to me as evil, I give back the same. I believe God and can only give the evil god. It slows the battle sometimes, but it is my objective to not become exactly what I am protesting against by being just the same, it is not all about me, I trust the wisdom of God since it has never let me down in the long run, and I have witnessed miracles worked by the process descibrd in ! Corinthians 1:24-28.
    I never expected to sound like a religious bible thumper, but I have learned enough to see I choose what I do, and that has nothing to do with what is done to me. As Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians- they are so unlike your Christ.” Gandhi, MLK, Christ, and all this world’s prophets were killed trying to teach a very simple concept- to love each other….I am not anywhere near their level, but this little case has gotten me the threats against my life that can leave me 100% as dead as them…But that is not as scary as life would be to live with appearing in front of my fellow men as one thing, but being in my heart the opposite. My most valuable treasures given me by my mother cannot be stolen, & I did not fully see until this all happened/ She trusted two people who turned on her as soon as she took her last breath. They spent years trying to put me as outcast of the “family”-(family by marriage). Inever expected anything, had no idea about her Will or her actual wealth until the documents were before me, and those I did not see until severalmonths after her death. The lead lawyer her has been convicted- in the middle of this- for his federal felony counts of conspiracy to commit sales of unregistered securities….He once was CPA….License from that board has been REVOKED. Law license in State of Wyoming where he was convicted- SUSPENDED. The Judge will not look at tax fraud proof, and let this lawyer stay in the case- telling me to “take it to the Supreme Court”. He signed a show case order I filed, then when the day in Court came asked if I REALLY thught I’d get a hearing and further stated I would get nowhere by being “emotional” ?????? And signed this lawyers motion to strike my documents! HELLO?
    TEXAS STATE BAR? Allowed him to KEEP his license seeing his conviction as not being a crime of moral turpitude!!!!!!!
    Please- if ANYONE has read his- tell me your opinion-what YOU would do- WHO would YOU write, If you were disabled, without $$$$$$$, and working to change this so it stops happening.
    Thank you and God bless.

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